Garage Doors

In addition to providing protection and security to some of your most prized possessions, Stilewood garage doors perfectly complement our existing line of exterior doors and windows and gives the consistency you are looking for when designing the overall esthetics of your home.

As a result of this new product program, when building a home you can now consistently match the wood species, finishing, detailing and architectural elements, resulting in a more sophisticated and appealing curb presence.

Our garage doors also provide the opportunity to create a continuing design scheme that starts from the gateway entrance through to the front entrance system.

These unique garage door systems go a long way in distinguishing one home from another. They also add to the character and architectural style of your home.

As with all Stilewood products, our garage doors are built with the same exacting standards that have made Stilewood the preferred choice among home owners, builders and architects alike.

Stilewood garage doors can also be custom designed in a variety of sizes, designs, profiles and glass types and are available in any wood species. Hand distressing, custom pre-finishing and custom hardware are available, further complimenting Stilewood’s line of exterior doors and windows.


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