Sliding Doors


Create more natural light and space with lift-and-slide doors.

Stilewood’s sliding wood exterior doors are ideal for patios and balconies, especially where there isn’t enough space for a folding door system. Think of them as space savers that are also space expanders, giving you unimpeded access to your garden or balcony.

If you’re seeking a more contemporary style, Stilewood’s International partners offer unique exterior product solutions.

Large façade formats permit an entirely new experience of your surroundings. Get the greatest possible transparency in your house – with large-area glazing in the Unilux FineLine façade, the Unilux HS Integral lift-and-slide door, or the Unilux aluminum clad-wood large-format JumboLine door.

For further information download the Unilux FineLine façade catalog here

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